On Progressive Education

About a year ago, I found myself watching a documentary on “adventure playgrounds” in the U.K. Adventure playgrounds, I discovered, were places where there was no soft, man-made flooring to fall on, no shiny plastic jungle gyms. Instead, there was dirt and grass. Bits of junk like planks and bolts were scattered on the floor. It wasn’t pretty and groomed; it resembled more of a junkyard than what we would recognize as a “playground” today. But as you heard the kids laugh and play as they swung across a pond on a rope, you knew that they were excited to be there.

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Why is Pedophilia Bad? A Criticism of Moen’s Ethics of Pedophilia

Audio Transcription

Ole Martin Moen began his 2015 essay with the following statement – “Pedophilia is bad”. The reason it is bad, he wrote, is because of the amount of harm it can cause. However, practices that do not harm children are morally “all right”. In this article, I will be responding to his argument that adult-child sex is immoral.

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